Adan Pradan
Human Factors International (HFI)

Human Factors International Pvt. Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidy of Human Factors International Inc. USA. We have operated in India since 2000, but by 2007 were facing persistent challenges with our financial operations. We had issues with compliance, control, and security. We had tried multiple internal staff and consultancies and I was near despair.

We approached Mr. Manoj Bhattacharya of Adan Pradan Trust in Pondicherry, India... While the task was daunting Manoj and team systematically attacked the problem. They churned through the years of past records. They set up transparent accounting practices and reports. They allowed us to replace staff of questionable integrity. They firmly helped with the transition to a culture of process driven operations. By the time they elected to step back from our engagement in April 2009 we had an organized financial process and sustainable operation.

I will always be grateful to Manoj and the team at Adan Pradan Trust for their patience, systematic approach, and remarkable integrity. Please feel free to contact me at any time if I can further elaborate on this heartfelt recommendation.

Dr. Eric M Schaffer